This is the home of the various plug-ins for Homeseer Automation Software that I have created, initially for my own use and then I decided to share them. All of these plug-ins are classed as on going projects so I am more than happy to extend the functionality when requested.

Due to changes that were made when Homeseer V2 was released these plug-ins in their present form will now not support any Homeseer prior to V2. However, if you need V1.? support then a suitable build of any of the plug-ins could be achieved fairly easily.

At present all my plug-ins are written in Delphi using the latest Borland Developer Suite 2006. Each one is a standalone win32 application so they run in their own thread alongside Homeseer, and they are not reliant on which version of ".net" HS is using. Hopefully this approach keeps both systems more reliable. Also when interaction is required with a com port, this is achieved directly with the plug-in rather than relying on Homeseer.

w/c 10th July 2006 I've finally "Joined the big league" by being honoured with Homeseer adding my plug-ins to the HS2 updater, which means they are now more readily accessible to anyone who wants to try them and for my existing users we now have our own dedicated area within the message board to discuss issues/requests publicly, and which hopefully other users may find beneficial.

If you have any questions regarding the plug-ins you would rather ask privately rather than in the public newsgroups you can always email me using this link pjcplugins support